Session formats

BGCI’s 10th International Congress on Education in Botanic Gardens

Bringing nature to the city. Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the University of Warsaw Botanic Garden.

Zdjęcie działu pierwszego

Session formats

  • Panel Session: In a panel session, the convenor introduces the speakers who then present on a particular topic or theme. A panel session typically includes up to 5 speakers. There will be time for discussion with the participants at the end of the session.
  • Workshop: This type of session is structured for in-depth exploration of one topic. The session is practical, interactive and actively involves all the participants. The workshop can be a science demonstration, a game, a show or a short training course.
  • Roundtable Session: This session has an extended number of speakers (from four to 20). Each speaker sits in a roundtable and presents their idea. This is followed by an in-depth discussion on each table. Time is left at the end to bring together all the different ideas discussed in each table. This session also requires a convenor to coordinate how it is run and bring the ideas together.
  • World café: Participants are seated around tables and a series of conversational rounds begin. At the end the whole group gathers to share outcomes. Here you can find more information on what a World café is and guidelines on how to organise one
  • Project Poster Showcase: This is a showcase of education projects and other public engagement activities each described in a poster format.

Delegates are also encouraged to submit their ideas to present using a new session format. Contact us at to discuss your idea for your session.


See you in Warsaw!

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