Role of session participants

BGCI’s 10th International Congress on Education in Botanic Gardens

Bringing nature to the city. Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the University of Warsaw Botanic Garden.

Zdjęcie działu pierwszego

Role of session participants

The following guidelines have been drawn up to ensure that everyone involved in each session has a clear idea of what is expected of them.

The roles

The Convener:

  • Is responsible for the content of the session which includes recruiting speakers and ensuring coherence between presentations, without repetition or overlap.
  • Is responsible for submitting the session proposal and all other documentation, including speakers’ names etc. Once accepted the convener is solely responsible for all online content for the session.
  • Is the point of contact between session participants and congress organisers.
  • Is in charge of the session and must ensure that all speakers are well briefed, organised and their presentations are uploaded on the congress system.
  • May also be a speaker during the session.
  • Of panel sessions, world cafes and roundtable discussions are responsible for recruiting all the speakers/hosts for each session.
  • Are asked to pay the normal registration fee.

The Presenter:

  • Is invited, normally by the convener, to speak about a certain topic.
  • Develops their presentation based on the brief provided by the convener about their speech and the content of others in the session.
  • Are asked to pay the normal registration fee.


See you in Warsaw!

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